My new face care ritual – Le Soin Aura Mirabilis from Roger & Gallet

So you know when you think you think you know a brand – and you’ve filed it away in your head like you know what it’s about and how relevant it is to you? Well that’s kind of how I felt about Roger & Gallet. I had it categorised as a quality brand that has a great history that’s a nice to have but that I wouldn’t necessarily include as part of my regular beauty routine.

Now let me tell you that if that’s how you think about Roger & Gallet then you should be prepared to change your thinking because this new skin care range Le Soin Aura Mirabilis is so impressive!

The History Bit

Patent of Eau de Cologne

Aqual Mirabilis



Over 300 years ago monks created a powerful remedy called Aqua Mirabilis. This was a secret recipe that used rare medicinal plants to make a natural elixir that could be drunk or applied to the body to protect and treat, to preserve health and provide beauty. It was patented in 1727 by the faculty of medicine in Cologne (that’s a copy of the patent in the original French above) and was renamed Eau de Cologne. It was a remedy used by the royal courts, emperors and empresses like Napoleon III and Queen Victoria and legend was that it was the source of their health, beauty and aura.

Le Soin Aura Mirabilis



Roger and Gallet own the formula for the original Eau de Cologne and have incorporated the 18 distilled plants into their formula to create this amazing range – Le Soin Aura Mirabilis.

In case you’re wondering which 18 plants they use and what they’re for:

  • Sandalwood, lavender and geranium – healing
  • Neroli – regenerating
  • Lemon zest – astringent
  • Lavandin – calming
  • Bitter orange – firming;
  • Sweet orange – anti-aging
  • Citronella -anti-inflammatory
  • Damask rose – reduces redness
  • Palmarosa – helps to smooth out wrinkles
  • Green mandarin – hydrating
  • Lemon grass – antioxidant
  • Thyme – uplifting
  • Exotic vervain – emollient
  • Magnolia – antiseptic
  • Rosemary – rejuvenating
  • Bergamot – brightens

So the concept is a melding of tradition and modernity which has culminated in the four products that make up the new range Le Soin Aura Mirabilis that’s newly launched in Marks and Spencer. They are the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask £15, the Beauty Vinegar £15, Double Extract £40 and the Legendary Cream £32.

Extra Fine Cleansing Mask


This is the first step in the beauty ritual inspired by oil based formulas and their make-up removing efficacy. It concentrates all the powers of the 18 plants combined with helianthus flower oil. It has a double use as a make up remover and as a detoxifying mask. As a make-up remover it’s the best I’ve tried! It’s a clear gel that turns into a fine oil when you massage it in and it just melts everything away including the toughest mascaras and it doesn’t sting your eyes. You apply it to dry skin and when you add water it turns to a milk. I’ve been massaging it in with my fingers and then removing it with a wet flannel or muslin. It smells and feels divine! As a mask you apply a thicker layer all over the face (apart from eye area) and allow it to absorb for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Beauty Vinegar

beauty vinegar2

The use of cleansing vinegars made from flowers fruits and spices began in the 18th Century (a little bit more history for you!) This is the source of Roger & Gallet’s inspiration for this bi-phased face care formula. The essence phase (the green bit at the top) concentrates 18 plants and the watery phase contains fruit vinegar. This removes make-up residue, helps to eliminate dead skin cells, refine texture, tightens pores, clarifies and refreshes.

Now don’t be put off by the word vinegar – this isn’t anything like the stuff you put on your chips (and thank goodness for that – I can’t bear the stuff!) It’s the most gorgeous hard working, yet gentle and delicately fragranced product. I use it at the toner stage of my skin care routine and it really will take a very special product to make me move away from this one.

Double Extract


Again this is a bi-phase product and this double extract has a high concentration of ingredients that can penetrate into the skin fast. It’s designed to restore the skin’s barrier, correct wrinkles and irregularities and infuse the skin with radiance. It hydrates and revives leaving the skin with a delicate bloom. It also protects against external agressors -definitely needed here in London!

I didn’t get to bring this one home but applied it to my hand along with the other three products in turn at the launch and was so impressed with the look and feel. I’d use this at serum stage of my skin care process.

Legendary Cream


The Legendary Cream completes the line up of the four step process. It concentrates all the natural powers of the 18 plants combined with extract of white lily which is particularly effective at tackling redness and irritation. It’s a micro-emulsified formula that starts off firm and melts as you apply so you get the freshness of a gel with the comfort of a cream. It targets dehydration and discomfort, boosts radiance and texture and protects.

Again I could only try this at the table but I was wowed by the effect that the combination of the four products had on my skin. There was no grease or tackiness and my skin was illuminated and dewy and the smell is so delicate. Gorgeous!

The Verdict

What can I say – this range is glorious. It’s taken history and tradition and used it to make an amazing plant based range that’s fresh and modern. You can find it in Marks & Spencer and you may find that you’ll be queueing up with me come pay day as I make sure that I have the full range to use in my new skin care ritual!


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