Undone Buns & Perfect Blow Dries for AW16


I may have a beauty blog but that doesn’t mean I know everything there is to know about hair and beauty. That’s why it’s a good job that I know a few people who do!

I was invited to witness celebrity hairstylist Carl Bembridge demonstrating how to get some simple laid-back styles for AW16 using Swedish hair care brand Sachajuan. Not only that but beauty expert Nikki Taylor was there to give us her hints and tips at the event which was a great mix of education and fun hosted by Mark McDonald of MMCL. With such a wealth of knowledge in the room, I couldn’t fail to be inspired!


The story of Sachajuan’s success began with the opening of the Sachajuan salon in 1997 in Stockholm by Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. They’re both highly recognised hairdressers with international experience in hair and fashion.

The essence of their brand is to make haircare uncomplicated. The simplistic and minimal packaging correlates to the brand philosophy on styling hair. The products are created with ” Ocean Silk Technology” which has been developed with sea algae (Rhodophyceae and Chondrus crispus) to boost the shine and natural beauty of the hair.


Carl Bembridge showed us the products in action using them first to get a super stylish up do (the undone bun) and then to get a simply styled blow-dry.

In the demo, Carl started with dry hair but the steps and products for the undone bun (why didn’t I take more action shots?) were:

  1. Wash hair with Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo to add body.
  2. Smooth the Styling Cream through the hair to protect it from heat damage. Blow-dry straight or leave to dry naturally twisting the ends to create texture.
  3. Spray Volume Powder into the roots for more volume and texture.
  4. Brush through hair and create side parting and sweep hair back into a low ponytail to one side of the head and pin to create an undone bun. Loosen a few strands for a softer appearance and run Intensive Hair Oil through these for nourishment and a glossier finish.
  5. Spritz with the Hair Perfume to maintain moisture, minimise static, enhance shine and add fragrance.

The second demo showed us top tips for a perfect blow-dry:

  1. Start with perfectly conditioned hair using Hair Repair
  2. Add volume with Hair Mousse which acts as a primer.
  3. Spray the roots with Root Lift for maximum lift and volume.
  4. Section the hair and then work from neck to crown and dry from roots to ends with a round brush to add volume at the roots.
  5. Finish with a stream of cool air to give elasticity and shine by closing the cuticle. Smooth ends with Styling Cream.
  6. To finish, spray the brush with Hairspray Light & Flexible and back brush gently into the roots and finish with a fine spray all over.


After the demonstration, we were each gifted two products the Hair Repair and the Ocean Mist. Then  I was prescribed a further two products specifically for my hair. Nikki selected the Colour Save Shampoo and the Volume Conditioner for me. Fabulous!


Ocean Mist has been described as a bit of a mix between a hairspray and a saltwater styling spray. It’s about having that beachy look and is great for messy up-do’s. Great for all hair types it bulks up hair and leaves a matt finish.

I struggle with the beachy or bedhead look because at my age it can look a bit like I’ve just let myself go! This was great at giving me defined curls when I let my hair dry naturally – I did add back the shine though with the Hair Repair through the ends. Just my preference.

Hair Repair

Hair Repair is an intensive conditioning treatment for dry, brittle and stressed hair (these are my daily challenges!). It features a mix of proteins & mineral extracts from sea algae and encourages regrowth and nourishes hair for shine and vitality. It also tames frizz to make your hair glossier and easier to style. This one ticks all the boxes for me and is perfect for my over-processed hair. Love the pump dispenser too!

Colour Save Shampoo

Colour Save Shampoo is designed to say what it says on the “tin”. This shampoo has a low acidity which won’t compromise your colour. It also contains the Sachajuan Ocean Silk Technology to fortify and moisturise. This has been one of the nicest shampoos I’ve used in a long time. It lathers just enough to give you that reassurance that it’s really working and getting your hair clean to the roots. It makes my hair feel really healthy and it’s helping to keep my colour true to what I intended it to be.

Volume conditioner

The Volume Conditioner provides volume and lift to fine and sensitive hair. Formulated with Ocean Silk Technology it delivers structure and lifts too. When I use volumising products I need to be a little careful as often they can make my hair frizz. I’ve found that this Sachajuan product works best for me in conjunction with the hair repair to leave my hair looking full and glossy.

Places to get your hands on Sachajuan products include Cult Beauty, Fabled and Josh Wood Atelier.


This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.


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