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Painting on glass with Yardley takes me back to my schooldays!


For my first event of 2017, I was invited to a fragrance launch with Yardley London. The event also included a session on decorating our own perfume bottle using watercolour to make our own unique design. Such a great opportunity to combine a product launch with a fun activity! We were introduced to two new Yardley London fragrances, English Freesia and Royal Pink Diamond (and I’ll give you all the details of those later) then invited to separate into two groups to learn how to paint our floral designs.


The teacher/artist showed us a “quick design that she’s painted earlier” and it was at that point that I remembered that I hadn’t done anything like this since I was in primary school – almost 50 years ago – and do you know what all those feelings of insecurity that I had back then came flooding back! Still we pretty much all felt the same and with a giggle or two, we all set about trying to paint our bottles.


There was a bit of a hush over the table as we all tried to get to grips with mixing the paints and selecting the right brush which was only broken by the odd shout of who’s got the white or how do you paint a stem? When we stopped concentrating and looked around the table to see what others had done, and compared our efforts (that’s when the insecurity crept back in and we each secretly hoped that someone would say ours was the best!). Every single one was different and amazing! There were so many styles from delicate to bold, from realistic interpretations to pointillist styles and everything in between.


Once we were happy with our designs, (fortunately watercolour can be wiped off and reapplied to correct mistakes) the bottles were sprayed with varnish. Then they were all gathered up to be photographed. This bit really did take me back to school days and I shared an anecdote, this time from secondary school where I’d made a toy bear in needlework and all the bears we made were displayed on a Christmas tree. On the last day of term, we were to collect our bear and take it home. When I went to get mine it wasn’t there – in its place was a tatty half-finished bear that wasn’t mine – and I was so disappointed. So when my bottle was taken off to be photographed, for a moment, having been in a lesson-type setting, I wondered if I’d get my bottle back again. How silly of me!  The mind is a funny thing, isn’t it!


So here’s my design. A bit messy but it’s unique and I’m loving the fact that this Yardley English Freesia EDT and my floral design have signalled that spring is getting ever closer. And I was so inspired by it that when I got home I put away my autumn/winter fragrances and got out my spring/summer ones and added this, and the other new launch Royal Pink Diamond to my collection on display. Perfect.


So, I promised you the details to these beautiful new launches. First is the English Freesia, a refreshing, light citrus floral fragrance.

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, and cypress. Heart: freesia, lily of the valley, ginger and pepper. Base: sandalwood, musk and amber.

EDT: £9.99 (50ml) £14.99 (125ml) Body spray: £2.49 (75ml) Hand Cream: £4.49 (100ml)

The second is Royal Pink Diamond a sophisticated and sheer romantic floral scent that complements the Royal Diamond fragrance which originally debuted in 2012.

Top notes: mandarin, pear, peach and cassis. Heart: pink pepper, peony, rose and orange flower. Base: sandalwood, cedarwood and musk.

EDT: £19.99 (50ml)

Do fragrances or certain situations make you think of things from the past? I’d love to hear your memories.



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