Shaking it up again with Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

Volume Shake Mascara2

The Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara is a “breakthrough shakeable mascara for beautiful clump-free volume”. Rimmel have produced this shaker system to address the problem of mascara clumping as it starts to dry out. The formula contains flexible fibres for volumised and separated lashes.

To make sure that you get the best performance you need to shake the mascara vertically a few times but only when you need to. Have to say it’s hard to judge when you need to and I’m guessing that they mean you should shake it when you’ve had it a while. I have to admit that I can’t help but shake it before each use but I’m guessing there’s a reason why you shouldn’t although that’s not made clear.

I think it’s great that they’ve thought up something to address the drying out issue – now I just need them to work on something that prevents you having to throw out your mascara after 3 months for hygiene reasons!

Volume Shake Mascara (2)

Rimmel have been busy introducing other products so that you can Shake That Look – and there’s a 3 step system:

Step 1 Shape & Fill using Brow Shake Filling Powder  and I’ve already reviewed that here

Step 2 Shade & Define Apply Magnif’eyes Eye Contouring Palette to sculpt, shade and define your eyes. There are three palettes to choose from. I’ve yet to try these but they’re on my list!

Step 3 Volumise Apply Volume Shake Mascara to your lashes for beautiful clump free volume. I’ve been using this as a day time mascara and it’s perfectly good, although not the most volumising I’ve tried. I think they might have traded off some of the density for the purpose of achieving a no clog formula. I’m not certain I care enough about what might happen a couple of months down the line to my mascara to select by whether it has a shaker or not – especially when it’s a low-cost option and a third of the price of some I’ve bought.

So, do I think that Rimmel are shaking things up with these products? Not really but I think that they make sure that we take notice by constantly rethinking what’s needed and adapting to their customers needs and that’s a sure-fire way to keep things interesting!


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