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Getting a new do at the Rush salon launch in Balham

The Brand 

At a guess, I’d say that most of my UK readers had heard of Rush. It’s an award-winning leading hairdressing group that’s one of the fastest-growing hair brands around. They already opened three new salons this year with more locations set to follow soon. Since the first salon opened in 1994 the key to growth has been its focus on giving great service.

Rush Salon

The Salon

Rush’s 88th salon opened in Balham last Saturday bringing a team of expert stylists to the High Street. They’ll be offering specialist services like the Brazilian Blow Dry and Hair Extensions as well as their usual professional cut and colour offering. I was invited to be one of the first, in fact, I think I might have been the first as the salon was only officially opened by the mayor shortly after I left with my new do. He may have been wearing his blingy mayoral chain but I think I looked the most glamorous!

Rush Chandelier

Fusio Dose

Rush Salon

 The Products

Whilst I totally trusted Rush to use the most appropriate products for my hair I was pleased that I was talked through everything that they used as we went along. Not only did this mean that I could ask questions but it meant that I could note how the particular products worked for me and ask for them again or purchase them or alternatively ask that they use something different the next time if I wasn’t so keen on the effect. It was also interesting to notice how the stylist selected a cocktail of products rather than sticking to the same range for example choosing a volumising shampoo and a smoothing conditioner to provide a balanced outcome.

Here’s what was used on the day for my silver/bleached dry at the ends oily at the roots hair:

BAIN VOLUMIFIQUE Thickening effect shampoo

BAIN SATIN 2 Softening shampoo for dry and sensitized hair

SPRAY VOLUMIFIQUE Volume Expansion Spray

DENSIMORPHOSE Densifying mousse

VERSATILE BEAUTIFYING OIL Versatile Beautifying Oil for all hair types.


The Do

I was on my way to a lunch date at the Ivy Soho Brasserie with friends to celebrate a 50th birthday followed by some serious shopping so I wanted my hair to look good without being overdone but also to be able to withstand the challenge of visiting all the beauty halls on Oxford Street! (ok well not all but we did cover Liberty, John Lewis & Selfridges before we needed a stop at Pret for a rest!)

The finished result was a little bigger than I’m used to so I did a lot of raking through with my hands to get a more casual look. I took this snap in the loo before I left – seems they hadn’t got around to putting up the mirror for me to take the cliche shot. Still, I forgave them as they’d really created a calming space away from the busy salon with individual towels, scented candles, and Elemis products.

new do

Try for yourself with a 50% off opening offer!

Opening hours are designed to fit around your busy lifestyle and they’re open until 9 on weekdays and open on Sunday too.  You can find more info about the new salon and the opening offer of 50 percent off here or call 020 3474 5042. 

I was a guest of Rush Balham for a complementary cut and finish.

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