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How do you decide what’s right for you? Reflecting on who influences my decisions, reviewing Liquid Gold Rose & introducing Vitamin C with Grape Seed from Alpha H

I was just about to sit down and write this post and was having one last scroll through my Twitter feed first – as you do – when I got involved in a discussion about politics. Now I tend to stay away from discussing politics as my day job requires me to be politically neutral but the question raised was what’s the best way to decide who to vote for on 8 June. We reflected that the press doesn’t help much as it spouts so much bile about all of the candidates that it makes you wonder if you can trust anyone.

We spoke about taking on-line tests and found that in many cases they don’t necessarily show you as having a clear preference  – after all manifestos overlap and you may favour proposals from a variety of candidates.

We also thought that social media isn’t always helpful as the people you follow may all think alike and you may be in a bit of a bubble – such as when we all thought that the country would vote remain or that we knew who the US would choose for their president.

So we came to the conclusion that a good starting place would be to think about what matters to you closer to home – what do your local candidates stand for and how does that relate to what matters to you and yours the most. It’s not a perfect solution I know – and there are wider concerns for the country, other demographics and the global perspective.

Alpha H

So I guess by now you’re wondering where I’m going with this and how it relates to beauty. Well, I was thinking about how we hear about products and whether we value the opinions of those that introduce us to them. I think that it can depend on the product but when I applied this question to the Alpha H brand I know for sure what made me want to try it and what made me believe that it had potential. It was meeting the brand director and founder Michelle Doherty. I’ve written about discovering the brand before here so I won’t go into detail. Suffice it to say that she’s down to earth and principled and I liked her.

Then moving on from that I started to think about how, as a blogger, I evaluate whether a product works for me and then how I put that over my opinions to you in a way that tells you what my personal experience was and then how that might relate to your potential experience with the brand if you have a different skin type or demographic to me.

Alpha H

For the Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose I knew that the product was a winner not by looking in the mirror and noticing a change (that can be hard sometimes as I use good skin care products all the time and so my skin should really always looks it’s best which means it’s hard to see a distinct change for example from dried out to hydrated) but because someone commented on the look of my skin.

The circumstances were unusual, I was having a work meeting with someone I hadn’t met before and as we walked out of the building and were saying our goodbyes we spoke a little about our out of work plans. I mentioned my blog and she said something like “That explains why your skin is like porcelain, I couldn’t take my eyes off it during our meeting.” Of course I felt a little self-conscious as well as secretly chuffed! But then I thought about what products I’d been using in the preceding weeks and remembered it was this Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose.

It’s a rose-infused edition of the best-selling Liquid Gold formulation. It combines rose, lotus and orchid petal extracts with moisture-binding ingredients and provides instant weightless hydration and the resurfacing and smoothing effects of the classic Liquid Gold formula.

It’s designed to diminish roughness, pigmentation and sun damage. It uses hyaluronic acid for hydration and is perfect for normal to dry, and mature skin. It works as a toner, exfoliator, serum, and moisturiser in one.

Instructions are to use every other night – applying with a cotton pad. I was expecting a bit of a tingle which is normal but felt nothing. For an intense effect you can leave out your nighttime moisturiser but I like to do things gently so I applied my moisturiser too. Perfect!

Alpha H

Now just before I finish – and I know that this post has been a little longer than usual, I wanted to tell you about the Alpha H Vitamin C with Grape Seed serum. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’ve learned over time that Vitamin C is good for my skin to brighten it up. There’s also been a bit of a surge in brands realising that your skin can need different things on different days and that it’s good to have a wardrobe of skin care ingredients to call upon so that you can mix and match to suit. I’ve previously I wrote about the Alpha H Vitamin B Serum here but let me tell you about the Vitamin C formula now.

Alpha H

Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum blends botanicals and hyaluronic acid to deliver antioxidant benefits.  It stimulates collagen production, improves radiance, elasticity and skin texture and helps to reduce pigmentation, refine pores and protect against sun damage.
I love that Alpha-H vitamin serums are refillable and the outer packaging acts as a kind of thermostat to keep the product at a consistent temperature and shielded from environmental aggressors so it can use fewer preservatives.
I haven’t introduced this into my regime yet so will need to let you know results in a future post but I wanted to tell you about it now so that you can take a look at how it might fit into your regime.
Have you ever thought about who or what influences your choices? In beauty or in any other part of your life? I’d love to know. Also, let me know if you’ve tried Alpha H products and what you think.
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