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Makeup Revolution – the new and the necessary!

It’s a pretty tough job keeping up with Makeup Revolution releases as it seems like there are new products every week – it’s such a fast-paced business. So just recently I paid a visit to the Revolution Beauty site to seek out some of the most recent releases and also to catch up with some of those that I’d missed out on at launch but still wanted to take a closer look at. So that’s how I ended up with this haul!

Makeup Revolution Haul

I always look at the “new in” page on the site first and that’s what led me to the highlight-heavy focus. (Damn I’ve just visited and seen the Skin Kiss Highlighters and now I feel I’m already behind the “gotta keep up” curve!) Anyway, the first thing I set my sights on was the Soph Highlighter Palette

SophX HIghlighter Palette

This is a collaboration with @SophDoesNails – it contains 8 different shades (5 baked and 3 pressed). Shades aren’t named but Top Row L to R: Pale Lemony Gold, Pale Peachy Gold, True Gold, Creamy Gold, Icy Pink, Icy Lavender, Warm Rose Gold, Creamy Bronze. I’d definitely recommend applying these with your fingers for a smooth glow. They can be a bit sparkly if applied with a brush.

Liquid HIghlighter & Bronze & Glow

Still, on the highlighting theme I moved on to look at the Liquid Highlighters that I’ve been coveting for a very long time – sounds much too biblical to be applied in a beauty context but that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of lately!

I chose Luminous Gold & Rose Gold and, applied liberally, they’re dazzling! I’ve mastered a more gentle glow by using a tiny drop and blending but the dropper application started me off with way more than I needed the first time around. There are seven shades to choose from and will give you a gorgeous finish whether used alone or mixed into foundation or body lotion. Everybody should have a least one of these.

Renaissance Glow

Staying on the highlighter theme I discovered the Renaissance Glow Palette. I’m always pleased when I find beautifully packaged products that are portable. This one contains a bronzer and a highlighter in a cute snap purse that comes with its own faux velvet poche. Shades are on the pale side so great for me but wouldn’t work for darker shades. The highlight is pale gold, like sunlight on my face, and the bronze is a pale creamy shade that adds a little warmth.

Renaissance Palette Day

The snap purse design led me away from highlighters to look at the Renaissance Palette Day (there’s also a night version) which holds all the daytime nude shades beautifully – from palest cream to smoky brown. Love this for the office as it also works to refresh for after-work drinks (love the odd cheeky Happy Hour cocktail).

I like to use a primer under my shadow and took the opportunity to add the Aqua Seal to my order. I’m used to cream primer so this liquid dropper was a bit of a challenge and I wasn’t sure whether to apply with a brush or a finger. I chose the latter but feel I probably wasted a lot of product. That said the colour stayed on well and the cost is just a tiny fraction of my usual brand. Another MUR winner!

Lip Kit in Reign

One of my long-term quests has been to find lip liners that apply and match perfectly so trialling the MUR Lip Kits is a task that’s been way overdue. I ordered the Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit in Reign and also a single liner in Grandee. I was so impressed with the colour match and the coverage of the kit products. I wish I’d ordered other shades. My only improvement suggestion would be for the liners to be twist up but I’m guessing that would add to the cost.

Awesome Lash Mascara

The last but one haul item is this Awesome Lash Mascara. (Yes, I know it’s not in my flat lay photo – it just didn’t fit with the colour scheme!) I’ve really been struggling with mascaras recently. I’ve trialled some of the most hyped new products that have just not worked for me and returned to super cheap high street products that have worked twice as well. So I thought I’d give this Awesome Lash Mascara in Ultra Black a try – it promised volume and length which is what I need with a brush to capture every lash. Was I blown away? Well no but the product was way better than the high-end brand that let me down. It’s an effective mascara but I just didn’t rate the brush design for my tiny lashes.

Unicorn brushes

Last up – I chose this brush set because they are just so pretty and I thought they would be great blog props – it’s the I Heart Makeup Unicorns Dream Brush Set and it turns out that they’re not too bad as brushes either. Perhaps a little softer than I’d normally use but perfectly adequate – and who doesn’t love a little unicorn magic?

So that’s it – my warts and all run through my latest MUR choices! Should I get the Skin Kiss highlighters next or do you think you can have too many highlighters?

Tell me what you love or hate about MUR!


This post contains brand samples and affiliate links

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