Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Rose No10

Burberry Complete Eye Palette

I was just about to tell you the reason I was so happy to win this Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Rose Pink No.10 palette – it’s because I have a matching Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude Pink No.05 I bought it way back in May 2015 after I tried a sample and fell in love with the formula and the beauty brand but most of all the packaging. There’s just something about the heavy metal feel that’s classy and also sturdy enough to hold the precious product and to make the owner feel special.

But this is where my story went awry. I was about to link back to the review of the lipstick which I surely must have written mustn’t I? Well apparently not! I’ve referred to it in the odd post but never reviewed it – what a fool? So no link back to that then.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Rose No10

So I start this review from scratch really – I hardly ever think about the Burberry beauty brand being related to the fashion brand. I should really with the iconic pattern etched on the casing but I think that it stands alone as a really good quality high end brand  -although I’m guessing the high standards and integrity of the brand come from it being a heritage British brand established in 1856.

This Complete Eye Palette is so perfectly self contained with four shades that include a luminising base to highlight, two buildable colours for shape and an intense liner to define. I’m still exploring ways to apply the shades – as you know I’m not make-up artist but have loved this mix of shades for a day-time business look. All the elements that you’re looking for in a shadow are here – they’re smooth to apply and you can layer and blend them easily for a great finish.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Rose 10

I love the presentation too, not just the heavy metal case with a mirror and detailed Burberry pattern on the case and shadow but with the addition of the black velvet travel pouch with three mini brushes it really is “complete”.

It comes in multiple colourways and I can’t say that I’d turn my nose up at any of them they’re each tiny eye colour wardrobes to treasure. Have you been tempted by any of the Burberry range? I’d love to see more from you – although I think I may be tempted to  buy more!
And if you’re feeling lucky yourself you might want to follow David Lackie on Twitter & Instagram as not only does he talk about amazing products and share beauty tips but he gives away the most amazing beauty prizes – which is where this came from. Thanks Dave!



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