Style Freedom Range

Style Freedom’s 4 Step System

I’ve been taking a look at Style Freedom’s unique four step system (created by the hair experts at Knight & Wilson) to see how it can help me get perfect looking hair this spring. This cruelty free hair care collection is grouped into four steps and I selected one product from each step to try.

Style Freedom Range

Step 1 – Foundation

I chose the Hair Detox Kit, £7.99. This is a two part system to purify and revitalise your hair. Part one is to purify. It’s infused with green tea and citrus to gently remove impurities and product build-up. Part two is the revitaliser to replenishe and nourish the freshly detoxed hair.It contains shea butter and vitamin E for suppleness, strength and vitality.

I absolutely loved how this works. The first step stripped back all that build up and my hair felt so clean – and then I used part two to nourish. After this step my hair didn’tfeel quite so squeaky clean as I’d like so I used a teeny amount of the detox afterwards and if felt amazing. Perfect!

Hair Detox

Step 2 Creation

My selection from this step was Straight N Sleek, £7.99 This is designed to tame curly, frizzy hair and is a great blow dry formula with shea butter and vitamin E. It’s able to lock in a smooth or straight style and keep you hair sleek.  I usually struggle so much with styling lotions – either they leave my hair feeling sticky and looking dull or after only a few minutes of damp weather my hair has frizzed up. This time it was different. I used this before drying and straightening my hair and much later in the day a work colleague commented on my hair saying how long and straight it looked. That’s when I realised that I’d gone all day and it hadn’t curled or frizzed!

Straight n Sleek and Pure Shine

Step 3 Finish

Once I’ve got my hair clean and straight I need it to look shiny so that it really looks healthy and so I chose Pure Shine, £7.99 from Step 3. It’s instant shine in a can and it also tames frizz and fly aways – what’s more it works on wet or dry hair which is so useful when you’re in a rush.

Pure Shine

Step 4 – Revival

From the final fourth step I chose Dry Shampoo, £7.99. I’m never without a can of dry shampoo these days. They’ve come so far from those early talc type sprays and this is a good one. It not only removes dirt, grease and oil but it adds real life to limp hair. I love it!

Just one funny story I should tell you though is to be careful when you’re a bit bleary eyed in the morning. The other day, I reached for the dry shampoo as I’d had a late night and just couldn’t face getting up early enough to wash my hair before work. It was pretty bad so I gave it a liberal spray but it didn’t work. In fact it looked shinier and then I realised I was spraying on the shine spray. I panicked and sprayed on the dry shampoo  too but it didn’t quite recover and then I had no time so I just had to tie it back in a messy bun! Oh dear!Dry Shampoo


So all these products and so much more in this range are available here and in Superdrug stores. Such a great high street range – go ahead and give them a go!


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2 thoughts on “Style Freedom’s 4 Step System”

  1. Gorgeous products you have there Hazel, they are awesome brand aren’t they! I chose products to help with styling my hair, love them. I also have a Rose Gold colour to pop on too! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I wasn’t expecting much really. I’ve tried so manybhair brands that don’t work for my hair. Am a bit scared of colour to be honest. Use nice n easy but have put it off for a while so more grey than blonde now.


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