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American English Haircare

American English vegan hair products are full of natural ingredients such as seaberry, baobab & quinoa and they’re formulated without parabens, phthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate. What’s more ingredients are ethically sourced.

Now I’m telling you this stuff up front because I’ve come to know that’s what my audience (that’s you lovely followers and friends!) care about most. Now, for me, whilst the ethics and sustainability are way up the list of criteria when I choose hair and beauty products – what I really care about most is that it works for me. And that’s why I’m bringing your attention to this brand. American English Hair products work for me.

American English

You’ll have heard this from me several times when I write about hair that I can never quite find the type of product that makes my hair have that special feel. You know what I mean. I want it to feel like I’ve just been to a salon and I just have to come out swishing my hair, checking in the mirror and then stroking it because it really doesn’t feel as though it’s my hair. That’s a feeling that I’ve not had in a long time until I got my hands on this range.

I tried the Smooth Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, 24 Karat Thickening Lotion and the Seaberry Dry Oil. I have to say though that I didn’t try them in that order first time around as when they arrived at my door I’d just washed my hair and was about to style it so it was the Thickening Lotion and Dry Oil that I tried first. And right after I tried them I went to social media to shout about it. They are just that good.

So now that I’ve shared my excitement with you – let’s get down to covering the individual products.

American English shampoo and conditioner

American English Smooth Repair Shampoo £23

This is an anti-frizz intense smoothing shampoo that’s set to transform your hair giving it great shine. It’s a soothing formula that repairs, hydrates, and smooths to eliminate frizz. Rich in antioxidants to neutralise free radicals, seaweed and shea butter to soothe dry scalp and hydrate hair it’s gentle enough to use daily. Gorgeous!

Ingredients include: Seaberry, amino acids, baobab, quinoa, rosemary, pro-vitamin B and there’s UV protection too.

American English Smooth Repair Conditioner £25

The rich vegan formula is designed to smooth and rebuild hair. It’s a very thick formula (almost too thick to squidge out of the bottle!) that strengthens, repairs and protects. Again it’s gentle enough for daily use.

Ingredients include: Seaberry, quinoa, soy protein, horsetail (herb), seaweed, shea butter, camellia oil, aloe vera , green tea, and lemon peel,

I’d say that these two together would have been enough for me to give a very promising view of the American English brand but it was the next one that blew me away!

American English 24 Karat & Dry Oil

American English 24 Karat Thickening Lotion £25

What makes this so special is that it’s a revolutionary lightweight water based formulation. Whenever I’ve tried thickening and volumising products before I’ve got stickiness and product build up that makes me want to wash it off straight away. Whatever I use on my hair I need it to feel clean and look shiny. This lotion gives such a great feel and the light film that coats the hair isn’t detectable – hair just looks and feels great and is protected too. I used it all over my hair but you can add just to the roots for volume, or just to the ends if you have volume but need to seal and coat split ends. If I had to pick just one product from the range – this would be the one!

Ingredients include:  Seaberry, Styleze, Pro Dew (amino acids).

American English Seaberry Dry Oil £25

They say this gives “blinding shine” and I have to agree. This is for when you really mean business. It’s a lightweight formula though, that isn’t greasy and it gets rid of frizz and static too. Definitely a multi-tasker to use as a shine spray, style finisher, or heat protectant.

Ingredients include: Seaberry, and olive, jojoba, avocado and argon oils.

Do let me know if you try out any of these products or anything at all from the range. You can find out more and purchase here.


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