Thé des Vignes Body & Hair Nourishing Oil from Caudalie

The Des Vignes
Just when I was beginning to think that you probably know practically all there is to know about Caudalie as I’ve spoken about many of my favourite products here before, I discovered something that I didn’t know about it myself! So I thought I would share.
A caudalie (pronounced kodali – I’ve been saying it wrong for 5 years!) is a unit measuring the duration of wine’s flavour on the palate. For each second the flavour remains this is a caudalie. A quality wine will contain many caudalies.
Still, you don’t need to know what a caudalie is – or how to say it to enjoy the fragrant products from the Thé de Vigne range. The scent is said to evoke thoughts of “that golden hour at sunset when the sun bathes the vines with the most magical light” Yes, that magical light that we wish we could capture when we’re taking photos – that’s so elusive for me in London!
But back to the fragrance. It’s a sensual infusion of neroli, ginger and white musk with orange blossom and jasmine too that was created in 2011 by Jacques Cavallier.  Now there’s a body range too and I’ve been trialling this Thé des Vignes Body & Hair Nourishing Oil, just when it’s most needed, in the warm sunshine that’s appeared out of nowhere this May.
It’s a great multi-tasker that I’ve been using to spritz on my arms and legs before heading out in a summer dress for a gorgeous glow and a waft of scent that evokes summer the moment you smell it. I also use it on the ends of my hair and to smooth away fly-aways.
It’s a dry oil, so it absorbs fast, that combines the The Des Vignes fragrance with powerful plant oils (there’s grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan in there), shea butter and patented antioxidant polyphenols. Gorgeous!
Oh and for those of you who are picky about their packaging too – the oil comes in spray form in a heavy purple glass bottle that’s intended with a beautiful bunch of grapes shaped indent that makes the bottle easier to grip as well as being easy on the eye.
The Thé des Vignes Oil 50ml is £18 here.
Do you have any go to summer products that just put you right in the holiday mood?
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