English Minerals Fairy Godmother

How I found my Fairy Godmother with the English Mineral Makeup Company

You may have seen recently that I posted a selfie on Instagram. If you follow me there you know that this is a rarity.  I enjoy trialling new products and feeling better about myself because of them but don’t normally show you the evidence and this is due to a lack of confidence as well as because I don’t imagine that viewing photos of someone my age is an enjoyable pastime for you all! Anyway the reason that I felt confident this time around was because I’d just used English Mineral Makeup products for the first time and I was so impressed by how good my skin looked – smooth, glowy and radiant – I loved the results and I wanted to be able to say to you that if these products could make me feel more confident then they could achieve the same results for you.

English Minerals Fairy Godmother

As you may have guessed from the title of this post I think that it was the Fairy Godmother that had the biggest effect for me. I used it as a finishing veil when I’d completed my make up look – so it was a bit like I’d had some fairy magic sprinkled over me to give the effect of a filter that softened my look and added a glow.

Fairy Godmother contains crushed pearl extract alongside jojoba, rose-hip and green tea extract to make it a real multitasker. It’s a moisturising and healing skin treatment (it was originally developed as nighttime treatment) as well as the perfect primer or finishing veil.

This is a translucent formula so can be used on any skin tone and can also be blended in with the mineral foundations for a moisturising and light-reflecting finish. I’ve yet to try the foundations but love the fact that they have a sample service that means I can spend just a few pounds to try out shades at home to get the best match. They do samples of all their other products too.

It comes with its own mini kabuki brush for perfect application and the icing on the cake is the adorable pumpkin coach charm that’s part of the beautiful packaging too!

EMM Colour Corrector

I also tried out one of the Tone Correctors in my look. I selected green which is designed to target red areas, blemishes and rosacea.  I used just a little across my nose and cheeks to tone down the flushed look that comes with 30ºC heat. It’s barely visible when applied and certainly doesn’t look green on the skin. I enjoyed just being able to swish it on rather than having to blend in cream colour correctors. If you do need a more intense cover, however, the pro-tip is to mix a little of the mineral powder with a dot of moisturiser to dab on problem areas such as acne scarring.

Other tones are:

  • Pink : to add radiance for sallow pasty complexions
  • Yellow: for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins, and under eye circles.
  • Blue: to neutralises yellow and orange hues
  • Gold:  a greenish yellow to mute redness
  • Sienna:  a dark peachy/orange to counteract undereye dark circles
  • Raw Umber:  a peachy/orange  to liven up overall skin tone and balance out discolourations

Each comes with a  mini kabuki brush – so cute!

English Mineral Blush

And the third of these glorious English Mineral Makeup products that I tested was the Blush in Apricot. Just a little swish across the cheeks gives a gorgeous flush that you can build up to be more powerful if you wish. It comes in 8 shades with a kabuki brush included. They are:

  • Bubblegum, Hot Pink, Soft, Coral and Cool (matte finish)
  • Rose, Plum and Apricot (satin finish)
  • Deep Pink (a  blush / bronzer in a deep rose gold with gorgeous glow and glimmer)
  • Satin Deep (a rich satin glow/ glimmer in a neutral tone to use as a contour/blush/ bronzer.

English Mineral Ma

I’ve really enjoyed learning about English Mineral Makeup. As well as making me feel better about how I look the brand has a great backstory.  It’s 100% natural, cruelty-free and is vegan-friendly. These are chemical free mineral cosmetics that don’t use harsh ingredients and this theme of caring about the provenance of ingredients and the impact they have on the skin has grown out of a lovely mother-daughter partnership (Jeanette and Grace Burrows). And that means they won’t compromise on quality or effectiveness to achieve their perfect products.

Have any of you tried English Mineral Makeup? I’d love to hear which is your favourite product – or if you’ve never tried it which is the one that you’d like to try most?


This post contains PR samples.


4 thoughts on “How I found my Fairy Godmother with the English Mineral Makeup Company”

  1. The Fairy Godmother sounds absolutely gorgeous, and I love that it is good for the skin as well as a really good makeup product, I’ve never heard of the brand before, but they sound divine! Thanks x


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