Flower and Spice Modern Apothecary

Indulgent Midnight Beauty Serum from Flower and Spice, Modern Apothecary

It’s always good to be able to introduce you to something new in the market. This time its the Midnight Beauty Serum from Flower and Spice, Modern Apothecary sits clearly in the indulgent bracket but just now and then, when you need a boost and the evidence backs up the hype you need to allow yourself to indulge. This may well be the brand that makes you want to splurge – but first just hear what I’ve got to say about it.
Flower and Spice Modern Apothecary
Flower and Spice, Modern Apothecary focusses on utilising flower essences and therapeutic essential oils of spices, plants and flowers. The spices used are mostly made from seeds and roots which are many times more powerful than plant leaves and they provide an intense fragrance experience.
It’s Midnight Beauty, their hero product that’s the focus of this review but I’ll also share a little insight on the exfoliator and moisturiser too for completeness and as I did try them out as a combined skin care regime.
The collection was created by Karmen Novak, formulated by hand in The Netherlands and made in Switzerland where decades of experience and a network of organic growers and farmers, help her produce the highest quality, skincare. There are three products in the collection:
The gentle creamy formula is designed to moisturise while fruit acids and bamboo buds work to exfoliate dead cells for younger looking skin.  The infusion of lavender and fennel seed oils works to increase circulation and prevent acne and AHA fruit acids reveal a smooth finish for extra instant glow.
I found it really easy to apply the exfoliator. You need to massage it in for a minute and then leave it alone for a minute – I brushed my teeth while I was waiting as I’m quite impatient. After that, I removed it with warm water and a muslin. I was left with clean bright skin that was all ready to soak up the other Flower and Spice products. I’ve only used this once so far –  I’m pretty rubbish at remembering to use treatments on a regular basis.
This is the brand’s hero product. It combines effective plant oils to nourish, brighten, improve lines and wrinkles and moisturise.
Ingredients include:
  • Prickly pear, plum seeds, macadamia, evening primrose, apricot seed and argan oils to hydrate, refine skin texture, deliver antioxidants and stimulate collagen production
  • Unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E from sacha inchi to improve and protect skin elasticity
  • Coriander Seed Oil  to soothe inflammation and prevent irritation
  • Rose Absolute to ease your mind.

Continued use of this luxurious serum is designed to regulate natural oil production and improve skin tone. I’ve used it each night over several weeks. It’s a rich oil that I’ve learned to use sparingly. Normally with a serum, I slather it on especially at night but with this one, I use only a few drops that I rub in between the palms of my hands to warm and then pat and press it onto my face so that it sinks in. It has a really luxurious feel about it and I don’t feel that a need to add a further moisturiser or night cream – this is enough all on its own.


This is billed as a rich moisturiser and it’s packed with nutritious and protective ingredients including:

  • Rose absolute:  to captivate your mind and calm the skin
  • Coriander seed oil: to comfort and alleviate irritation
  • Jojoba oil: to moisturise and nourish
  • Prickly pear seed oil: to combat environmental stressors and encourages cell renewal
  • Aloe Vera and Rose Water: to calm and cool
  • Arctic Oat Extract: to regenerate and boost smoothness

Directions are to apply a small amount to clean skin day or night whenever your skin needs care. This is a really rich moisturiser and I found that even applying a small amount it was too rich for daytime use under a foundation. I’ve really enjoyed using it at night though when I’m not using the Midnight Beauty. It’s either/or for me.


This post contains PR samples

Flower And Spice



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