Review – Scruples Complete Recovery Treatment Masque

complete recovery hair masque

Here’s just a short review of Scruples Complete Recovery Treatment Masque. I tried it out a couple of times over the past few weeks and it’s one of those products that’s not very remarkable and didn’t blow me away but hey! on reflection it’s a pretty sound product.

I’m always looking for the magic product that will make my hair glossy and smooth and that will disappear all the signs of over processing. Whilst I don’t think this is that magic product its done a pretty good job. It’s at least one step better than conditioner. It comes in a generous 227g tub and you can scoop up a big blob of a product in your hand and smooth it into your hair. It takes between 1 & 10 minutes to work it’s magic depending on how intensive a treatment you need.

They say:

  • For chemically treated or damaged hair
  • Helps nourish, soften and restore elasticity
  • Works deep to help repair
  • Adds strength, moisture and shine

You can find out more here.

What are your hair care saviours? Any suggestions for me to try? Then do contact me or leave a comment below.


This product was gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own.

Review – RMK Ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner

eyelinerThis is the last piece of the jigsaw as far as my RMK at home experience is concerned. A few weeks back I was treated to an RMK makeover at Selfridges and then was lucky enough to receive my choice of products to review at home.

These pieces have been more than make-up choices as each one is so well designed and beautifully presented that it becomes an object of desire in its own right. This is particularly true for this gorgeous RMK ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner in deep grey. It’s like a silver pen or propelling pencil. It’s shiny and sleek and I love it even before I open it up so that I can use it to do its job. That job for me is to be a great eyeliner that isn’t too dark for me. I find that black is a bit to harsh at my age. I also love that it’s easy to apply and stays in place all day.

The RMK ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner costs £23.00 here.

Have you tried any RMK products yet? I promise you that you’re missing out if you haven’t!


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Crabtree & Evelyn Event – #Love Is In The Air

Crabtree & Evelyn chose the Friday before Valentine’s day to launch their spring gift collection at a press event in their flagship Regent Street store in London.


As I arrived the store was buzzing with press trying to get the first shot of the new fragrances which were the main focus of the event.


There was one for the girls and one for the boys – both retro designs that capture the best of the Crabtree heritage as well as the mood of the moment. On the right above is Parisian Millefleurs Flower Water. To say that it’s flowery wouldn’t be a mistake but it really isn’t enough to describe the perfect fusion of narcissus, rose, tuberose, violet, juniper and cypress that Crabtree have created. There’s an introductory offer until Mother’s Day and you can purchase it here for £31.50 instead of £45.


The Black Absinthe Eau de Cologne is a fragrance for men that also part of the Crabtree heritage range. For me, this is the area that Crabtree have really improved in leaps and bounds over the last year or two. The design is outstanding and manages to capture tradition without being dated at all. This fragrance is smooth. Its infused with absinthe, artemisia and fennel with notes of licorice and vetiver that make it both fresh and sensual. It’s also on offer for £31.50 here for a limited time.


Of course we were treated to breakfast treats and to soothe us at this early hour and  while we indulged there was plenty more to see. The “Love is in the Air” theme encompasses a gift collection that includes hand care. bath, body and fragrance luxuries.

I was lucky enough to take home a lovely goody bag that contained a gorgeous Fruits and Botanicals Hand Therapy Collection as well as the stunning Parisan Millefleurs fragrance which is now looking stunning on my dressing table.



A visit to Crabtree & Evelyn is always a joy and I’d like to thank Jamie and co for their hospitality. I just want to say sorry for taking so long to post this time around. A bout of flu that I just couldn’t shake off was to blame.


Review – Trilogy Refresh & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve been aware of Trilogy as a brand for some time, but mostly in relation to the Rosehip Oil which has won many awards – and yet I hadn’t tried any Trilogy products until now.

The Trilogy Refresh & Shine Shampoo contains Keracyn™ which protects your hair by coating the hair shaft with a restorative botanical shield. It contains Calendula which brightens as it rinses away excess oil and product build up. It also contains marshmallow for shine, rosehip for condition and chamomile to sooth the scalp and make hair more manageable.

I’ve been trying to find the perfect shampoo for quite a while. I’m  not sure if this is the one but it does do a great job at making my hair feel squeaky clean and it certainly feels as if it removes product build up. This is something that I’ve had to address more as I’ve started to experiment with more hair products such as heat protection spray.

Truth be told it’s really a conditioner or hair mask that that I’ve been looking for. So I was looking forward to seeing what the overall effect would be when I used Trilogy Refresh and Shine Conditioner following on from using the Trilogy shampoo. It claims to effectively de-tangle your hair by smoothing hair cuticles, leaving your hair easy to manage and style. It contains Keracyn™ too as well as artichoke extract to protect your hair from sun and oxidisation damage; aloe vera for intense hydration and to preserve shine. It also contains rosehip and chamomile.

Did it wow me and give me the amazing texture and shine I was looking for? Well no, but it gave it a very good shot! My hair was definitely shiny and fragrant smelling but I still needed to use oil to make my hair feel weighty and glossy. To be fair I think that I need a treatment to kind of put my hair into rehab! These are great every day products for normal hair that hasn’t been overheated and stressed.

Just one more comment from me about the overall offering here. I like my products to make the  bathroom look good and well the packaging here is just dreary. The colours are dull and don’t do the contents justice. Please Trilogy – give me some glam for my bucks! (Well ok pounds)

Do you love Trilogy products? What have you tried?

Please leave comments below.


This post contains affiliate links. The products were gifted for review but the opinions are my own and not prescribed.

RMK Vintage Sweets – At Home

PicMonkey Collage

Ever since I had my makeover with RMK at Selfridges I’ve been dying to get my hands on the products myself and see if I can get the same great effects at home without the help of a make up artist. I had to be patient as the only place the range was on sale was Selfridges and the stock was low so I had to wait until a new shipment arrived from Japan. Let me tell you I’m not a patient person. But finally a very special box arrived for me from RMK!

Each silver box contained another delight and each product was like a precious jewel that I wanted to own for its looks alone – the fact that the shiny cases contained cosmetics that delivered on their promises was a bonus!

The range is designed to be reminiscent of Vintage Sweets – candy colours and afternoon tea. There’s also an element of Alice in Wonderland in there too. I unboxed each one and set them out as if they were macarons. A feast for the eyes!

And then came the chance to try out each one. I used an RMK primer first and then added the RMK Creamy Foundation. I found that this has quite a full coverage compared to the foundations that I’ve been using recently but this creamy foundation feels good on my skin. It contains Argan Oil and Shea Butter and lasted well throughout the day. Always an achievement for me as I do tend to touch my face a lot while I work.

RMK Foundation

I used the Sweet Sugar Eyes palette in Pinky Beige on my lids. (The illustration below is Cool Blue) The colours can be swirled together or used separately. I mixed them for a sugary sweet shimmer that was subtle enough for the office.

Sweet Sugar Eyes

To touch up a couple of flaws – well no-one is perfect – I used the ultra handy Super Basic Concealer PactThis is such a useful and neat piece to keep in your bag for office touch ups. It has two shades of concealer to mix and blend as well as powder and brush – plus a mirror. You can even buy refills – perfect!


Then I used what I think is the prettiest piece I have which is the Limited Edition Vintage Sweets Face Colour. Each compact has four-shades which smell of black tea! It comes in two shades I chose the Yellow Green which helps to even skin tone.

Face Colour

The final piece of candy sweetness was the smoky pink nail polish I chose. It gave Smoky Pinkgreat coverage and was just the kind of spring colour I love! I’m really looking forward to using these colours through spring and into summer for a delicate ladylike look that is refreshing after the deeper tones of autumn and winter.

I’ve really enjoyed discovering this brand and there are so many more pieces I want to get. I mean – there’s a whole set of brushes and there are eyelash curlers that actually work on my stubby lashes. I could go on. You can be sure that this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me on this super Japanese brand.

Do let me know what you think if you’re try any RMK products!


The products were gifted to me for review. The opinions are my own and were not prescribed.


So you may already know that last Tuesday was a bit crazy and I had to go to a launch event at Issey Miyake with no make-up! Well when I was done I still had another event to attend at the W Hotel in London’s Leicester Square!

PicMonkey Collage

This time the brand was GOSH! This is the second time I’ve been to a GOSH event and I know that they always choose amazing venues and this one did not disappoint.

The launch had some really fun products. Even though the graphics are telling me that the range is aimed at a young audience I’ve begun to understand that you can wear any colours or types of make-up you just need to tweak it to suit you. So for example if I want to wear a bright eye colour I would use it in a thin line close to the lash perhaps. Or if I wanted to try a bright lip then I would play down the eyes a bit. So what I’m trying to say is that I’m not afraid to try things out and the GOSH Urban Vibes products are on my list.

I’ve got the new Xtreme Mascara (£8.49) It’s deep black and intense for voluminizing, lengthening and defining and is based on a combination of two formulas.


The second product is the new Extreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner (£5.99). It comes in 9 shades – black, black night, gun-metal, silver, bronze,plum, lavender, royal blue and turquoise. I’m so lucky to have a full set! It feels a little bit like being a small child and getting a new set of crayons!

Gel liners2

Then a really fascinating product launch that is GOSH Primer Plus+ Hydration (£13.99) that contains snow algae which apparently is an active anti-ageing ingredient. It’s a great primer that blurs imperfections – I’ll take that!


These days it seems that there isn’t much interest in buying single shadows and it’s palettes all the way! These little Eyelight Trios (£6.99) are a bit of a half-way house with each containing a highlighter, a glitter shade and a satin shade. The two below are Chunky Chocolate and Vanilla Sky. It also comes in Three of a Kind and Fairytale.

shadow palettes2

The Forever Lipshine range consists of 10 twist up lipsticks (6.99). They’re much more than just shine with a lovely pigment too. Here are my two gorgeous shades Love Story and Lady Like.

Lip shine

To finish of this bunch of delights are the perfect new season nail colours. There are seven to choose from (£3.99). They have a new big brush. Thank goodness because I have no patience with skinny brushes! The line up below contains Moroccan Night, Pretty Ballerina, Sunkissed, and Snow White.

nail polishes

Thanks to Z-PR and GOSH for inviting me to such a lovely event and for my lovely goodies.

GOSH products are available in Superdrug. Keep a look out on for detailed reviews.

Do you love GOSH too? Share your thoughts below.


This post contains affiliate links. The products were gifted to me but the opinions are my own and were not prescribed.

Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey City Blossom Launch Event

City Blossom3

I can’t remember the last time that I had such a busy week both in my day job and in my blogging world. So when I had to make a quick dash across town to Issey Miyake I was really looking forward to a bit of glamour and relaxation. I’d planned to wear an outfit that went from court room to office to fashion show room and packed my make-up bag with my most glamourous products to try and impress. But when it came to the time to refresh my make-up for the evening ahead I realised that I’d left it at home! How shameful! Fortunately the lovely people from KGA weren’t at all judgemental and help to calm me with a glass of champagne!

So why was I there? To see the latest  fragrance launch for the fabulous Issey Miyake – L’Eau D’Issey City Blossom! The surroundings for the launch were fabulous, not only was it in the uber chic Issey Miyake store in Brook Street but we were also treated to a live performance by Mademoiselle Maurice – a visual street artist. That’s some of her work on the window in the photo below.

Street Art


Issey1I’m no fashion guru as I’ve never had the figure or the bank balance to wear anything out of the ordinary but the pieces on display were stunning and the whole fashion and fragrance mix fuelled the buzz around the launch.


Almost everyone can recognise the iconic shape of the Issey Miyake fragrance bottles. Each is a tall conical delight with each new version being just a slight variation on the original.  Then, having finished my champagne and taken a few photos I got to try the L’Eau D’Issey City Blossom fragrance for myself.

City Blossom 1

They say:

“Inspired by the poetic and colored works of Mademoiselle Maurice, Issey Miyake captures the short-lived moment when a flower blossom appears in the city. In its colored trail, this flying bunch of flowers diffuses its first fragrance . A feminine floral woody fragrance which opens like a fresh bud with sparkling notes of pink pepper and bright lemon. Half-open, the flower unveils its heart, a bouquet of magnolia and freesia. The drydown unveils a flower in full bloom, while it liberates its generous sweetness around a subtle crystalline musk and woody notes!

So what did I think – for me the strongest note was the pink pepper. It’s light and flower and certainly set me in the mood for saying good bye to winter and hello to spring! Not only that, the bottle looks perfect on my dressing table. This L’Eau D’Issey City Blossom is another winner for Issey Miyake!

If you can’t wait to own it you can buy it here priced £51.00.

I’d love to know what you think of it, so do leave your comments below.


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Review – Zuzka Cocoa Spa Organic Orange & Vanilla Pod Exfoliating Gel

cocoa spa

In a previous post I told you how happy I was with the results I got from Zuzka Argenine Hydroxy Rejuvenating Cream. The great results I got made me curious to try some other products in the range. There are loads to try here. But the product I was gifted to try out was the Organic Orange & Vanilla Pod Exfoliating Gel from Zuzka’s Cocoa Spa Range.

I’m not really a fan of exfoliating treatments. It’s not that the results aren’t good it’s just that it’s always a bit of a faff and you have to spend time making sure that any granules are removed afterwards. But then I’m a bit lazy and like instant results.

Anyway, I’m sure that you want to hear about this product. They say:

“A luxurious face polisher with a rich, fresh, natural aroma of organic orange & ground vanilla pod. Full of antioxidants & vitamin C to stimulate cell renewal & rejuvenate the skin, the exfoliating action buffs away dry dead skin cells, leaving skin looking velvety soft & smooth.”

I expected a gel-like formula but I found it was runnier or perhaps I should say a silkier formula that I wouldn’t really call a gel. It’s chocolate coloured and smells gorgeous. It’s easy to apply and has a very fine granular feel which I’m guessing is the ground vanilla pod.

It wasn’t too difficult to remove. I’d applied it with my fingers and massaged it in. I used a face cloth to remove it and once I patted my skin dry I was so please with how my skin looked and felt. It was so much brighter and so smooth! My make up went on like a dream afterwards. I definitely won’t put off using it for so long next time!

Have you tried any of Zuzka’s products yet?


This sample was gifted to me for review. The views are my own and not prescribed.

Brand Focus – W7 Cosmetics

If you search for W7 Cosmetics on my blog you’ll find that there are quite a few reviews featuring various products from the W7 range. They’re a pretty unassuming brand and you’d find it really hard to spend more than a tenner on an item. Most products come in under a fiver!

I’ve been using a lot of different brands since I’ve been blogging and when it comes to making a purchase I tend to choose high-end brands whenever I can afford it. Believe me though there are times when I run out of a product and there’s too much month left and not enough money. That’s when I take a good look around and reach for something from a less expensive brand. Nine times out of ten I find what I need from W7.

This week I’ve had the opportunity to try a few more products from W7:

W7 face2

Absolute MascaraGolden Brown PaletteButter Kiss Lipstick – Red Light and Captain Matte Foundation – Natural Beige

The Captain Matte Foundation – Natural Beige was something that I was intrigued to try. I’ve been using Nars and Laura Mercier foundations and matching them carefully to my skin shade and type. This shade and coverage had been chosen for at random and so I didn’t expect that it would be at all suitable. Well – I was so wrong. I think that the tone is a little warmer than what I’ve been using but I don’t think  that’s a bad thing. It went on smoothly, isn’t at all greasy and covered up minor imperfections. I couldn’t fault it and it costs less that a sixth of the cost of my normal brand.

The Absolute Mascara was the product that I wasn’t expecting to be a big fat failure. I’ve got a favourite high-end product that I measure every mascara against and I’ve tried a few of W7’s mascaras before and I’m afraid they never got a second use from me but this is the one to win me over! It’s got really good coverage and makes my lashes look longer and thicker. It stayed on all day without smudging or flaking. The brush is one of those funny ones with the bobbly bit on the end and I did poke myself in the eye a bit with it but it’s fab once you get used to it and I’m wearing it again today. In fact I’m wearing all the products again today.

The Golden Brown Palette contains four shades of brown. W7 don’t like to go overboard and name their colours which is a shame. I can’t really explain the look of the shadows.  They’re not shimmery but the do have a slight fleck of shimmery sparkle in them. This means that they are great for my 50 something crepey eyelids as they don’t emphasise every little line. I used the the lightest shade on the far left on the lid and the third shade from left in the crease for a day time look.

To finish off the look I applied Butter Kiss Lipstick – Red Light. I’ve really become a fan of lip butters recently. They go on smoothly and are more pigmented than balms. I’ve been wearing another high street brand almost every day and ignored my expensive lipsticks. This shade is a winner with me. It’s a coral-red that gives my face a bit of a lift and we could all do with a lift in this cold weather.

W7 faceI’m so chuffed with all these products that they’ve all made it into my make-up bag. As you know I can be quite fickle and if I see a new pretty item I can often evict a piece  as quick as it went in. That said I wouldn’t be surprised if any new bits don’t come from W7 next time too!

Have a lovely week and do tell me about any budget products that you love.


These items were gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and were not prescribed.

Review – Timeless Truth Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask

Back in November I picked up a Timeless Truth Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask when I attended a Bloggers Love Hub event at Kanaloa.

Timeless Truth Masks 2

Timeless Truth Masks 3

I’d come across the brand back in May when I’d tried the Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Facial Beauty Mask  but I’d kind of forgotten how good it was.

Last night after a long hard day at the office, a pile of ironing and a bit of blog admin I decided to have a little pamper session and apply a mask for 15 minutes while I had a nice hot bath.

The Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Facial Beauty Mask combines an exclusive Functionality Cloth with a rich herbal infusion and Immortelle Extract that nourishes, hydrates and stimulates to help reduce fine lines, dryness and some blemishes. Herbal_Rejuvenation1

They say:

“Immortelle is a flower which grows in Mediterranean countries. Known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative properties, the remarkable oil from the Immortelle plant is used in many healing formulas from muscle pain, arthritis to liver problems. Imortelle’s ability to stimulate the production of new skin cells makes it popular in facial care for mature skin.”

My experience with the mask was really positive. It went on really easily and was easy to mould to my face and I think this was because of the good design which makes it fit to the contours of your face. It felt cooling and calming while it was on and the results were noticeable. My skin felt really plumped straight afterwards and when I checked it up close this morning in day-light the effects were still showing as the fine lines had disappeared. It gave me more confidence as I put on my face to head off to an important work meeting. Loved it!

The Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Facial Beauty Mask costs just  £4.95 here.


The product was gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and are not prescribed.