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Mothers’ Day Wishlist Granted

L’Occitane Exquisite Boudoir Collection

Today’s wishlist post is a little different because it’s being written while I sit with my daughter, Safi. If you’ve read my posts before now, you’ll know this is one of my wishes come true, because all us mums really want for mothers’ day is a hug! Well… ok then, not just a hug – surprise gifts are welcome too.

So, let’s rewind to this morning: when I got up I discovered the L’Occitane Exquisite Boudoir Collection waiting for me, and I’m ashamed to say that my first thought was how best to photograph the beautiful box rather than opening it up to see the delights within! My sleepy daughter was then forced to help set up shots for the photoshoot.

So I guess you’ll want to know what was inside, right?

Repairing Shampoo 75ml

Repairing Conditioner 75ml

Néroli & Orchidée Body Milk 50ml

Amande Shower Oil 35ml

Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette 75ml

Precious Eye Balm and Precious Cream samples

L'Occitane Contents

Having had my morning coffee and toast, I went off for a pampering session to see how many products I could test in one go!
I won’t bore you with a blow by blow account but I have to say the shampoo and conditioner left me flicking my hair in ‘because I’m worth it’ style, while the Precious Eye Balm and Cream set me up for my Mothers’ Day face. I finished off with a luxurious layer of the Néroli & Orchidée body milk.

If you want to replicate the experience you’ll be able to find a whole range of similar treats here.

The next part of my treat was a trip to a local Lebanese restaurant, Chez Vous, where I was not only spoiled for choice but warmly welcomed. We feasted on delicately spiced lamb dishes and exotic salad, and felt it would be rude to leave without partaking of the highly-acclaimed baklawa! Then, a leisurely stroll in the sun rounded off the perfect day.

Thank you Safi! 🙂




7 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day Wishlist Granted”

  1. You’re very welcome, I had a great day and of course you looked lovely 🙂 Looking forward to the day we can revisit the baklawa too! Lots of love! xxx


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