PhytoPlage Apres Soleil Shampoo & Recovery Mask Reviews

Thank goodness I won this PhytoPlage Rehydrating Shampoo &  After Sun Recovery Mask. You may remember that I won them a little while ago. (Read more here.)

Phytoplage prize (2)
PhytoPlage Apres Soleil Shampoo & Recovery Mask

My hair had got into a bit of a state. It’s coloured/bleached to cover grey and I also use straighteners on it several times a week. But it was doing ok until I used a product a couple of times that reslly didn’t agree with it and made it fly away and brittle. Despite quickly returning to my day to day drugstore brand – I couldn’t get it back into shape.

The Phyto Plage range is designed to deal with all of the summer nasties like too much sun, salt water and chlorine that can damage your hair. Although I had avoided the sun as much as possible and hadn’t been swimming I felt that these products couldn’t do any harm so I gave them a try over the last week. Even after the first use my hair felt restored and I was so relieved that they work.

The Phyto PhytoPlage Rehydrating Shampoo for Hair & Body 200ml  felt so rich and the texture is like a conditioner. You can feel your hair soaking up the goodness and getting stronger almost straight away. It smells good too. It costs £13.50 here.

The Phyto PhytoPlage After-Sun Recovery Mask 125ml  has an even thicker consistency and is definitely a mask rather than a conditioner but I really didn’t need to leave it on my hair for too long to get a brilliant effect. It’ costs £16.00 here.

The over all effect of the shampoo and mask together is that my hair is really glossy and sleek and able to stand up to a bit of heat treatment when necessary. I’ll seriously consider repurchasing them when they run out.

I haven’t tried the other two products you see in the picture, I’ve given one to a friend and the other is waiting for me to review sometime soon. So keep your eyes open and be ready to hear more about Phyto products!


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