August 2014 Empties

Here’s a bit of a catch up on what I’ve been using up this month. Most of the products I’ve already reviewed as they’re great products so it’s more of a list than a post this time.

Tromborg Cleanser
Tromborg Herbal Cleansing Water

Tromborg Herbal Cleansing Water

I have a completely irrelevant reason for liking Tromborg products. This is  because way back in the 1970s (yes I really am that old!) I lived in Copenhagen for a year and ever since then I’ve had a soft spot for anything Danish.

So when I was in Debenhams I spoke to the assistant on the Tromborg counter and after a lovely hand massage I was given this trial size Tromborg Herbal Cleansing Water.  It’s a makeup remover as well and having run out of eye make up remover I rummaged in my stash of samples and came up with this.

It’s been a delight, it’s not oily or harsh and it takes off eye make-up really well and of course I love it because it’s Danish!

They say:

“Herbal Cleansing Water can be part of your daily skin care regime – use it in combination with any Facial Mist and cream. An oil and alcohol free cleanser which will care for, refresh and hydrate the skin. Carefully selected herbs of Hops, Chamomile and Fennel cleanse the skin while giving a calming effect. It not only removes make-up, but also nourishes and moisturises thanks to Rose extract.”

You can purchase here price £28.00.

Boots No.7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

This is a repurchase. Read my original review here.

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve reviewed these already here.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Love this and would repurchase. I reviewed it here.

Bayliss & Harding Strawberries & Cream Hand Wash

140809 B&H Strawberries & Cream
B&H Strawberries & Cream Hand Wash

This hand wash smells edible – so much so that it makes you hungry! Such a lovely product that leaves your hands clean and soft. Only downside is that it’s a bit of a girly scent and so maybe not one for family use. I’d definitely repurchase. It’s a Limited Edition but is on sale here currently for £2.15.

Grace Cole Rejuvenating Body Wash

140624 Grace Cole

I bought this as part of a duo in a set from House of Fraser in their sale as an impulse buy one lunch time. It’s a clear gel with a warm comforting fragrance that you can add to the bath or apply direct to skin. I’d be happy to receive this as a gift or select it myself.

I think that this fragrance may have been discontinued but there are other fragrances in an updated version of the set here priced £10.00.

Phytoplage Apres Soleil Recovery Mask

This is the best conditioning mask I’ve bought in a long time. I’ve already reviewed it here. Will definitely repurchase when I’m flush!

Gold Collagen

I’ve reviewed this and made a whole song and dance about the whole collagen supplement thing here

Are any of these products on your list to repurchase? Would love to hear what you think.








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