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Paul Mitchell Hair Care Gifts

Because You're Bright Gift Set2

I don’t know how organised you are but I’m still in the process of Christmas shopping and trying to find just the right thing for each person. While I’ve been checking out what’s out there I’ve come across some a range of great looking gifts from Paul Mitchell.

There are such a lot of gifts to choose from but the I selected a couple to take a closer look at – one because it’s specifically for my hair colour and type and one because I loved how it looked. (Yep! I’m still a sucker for packaging! Unfortunately you won’t get to see the packaging for my second choice as the post man decided to crush the parcel and the box wasn’t looking pretty enough to be photographed)

My first selection was the Because You’re Bright’ Gift Set that has three products with reconstructive properties to repair, strengthen and protect chemically treated hair.

Because You're Bright Gift Set

The set contains:

Forever Blonde Shampoo (250ml) to gently cleanse lightened or highlighted blonde hair and removes without stripping moisture. Formulated with KerActive protein, it’s sulphate free and contains safflower extract.

Forever Blonde Conditioner (200ml) to add shine to natural or colour-treated blonde hair. A hydrating conditioner it’s been developed to brighten and deliver moisture. KerActive proteins reverse signs of damage and safflower effectively boosts elasticity.

Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair (25ml) to smooth, strengthen and replenish blonde hair. With KerActive protein, safflower and macadamia nut oil, the formula penetrates to repair and moisturise.


This set was a refreshing surprise for me in that it did everything it promised it would do. I’ve spent so much time and money on products that leave my hair dry and frizzy after promising sleek smooth and conditioned locks. I’d definitely consider a repurchase of the individual items as they run out.

The set comes in a cool monochrome bag and is on offer for £29.75 here (RRP £35).

awapuhl gift set

My other choice was the Exquisite Repair Gift Set. I chose this because of my hair is in need of a little repair. This product is described as being for all hair types. (More on this later)

The set contains:

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Moisturising Lather Shampoo 250ml
Described as being for all hair types and ideal for colour-treated and chemically processed hair. This is a rich, sulfate free shampoo to gently cleanse, soften and protect. It contains Natural Awapuhi extract to balance moisture for manageability and shine.f Keratin proteins are designed to rebuilds and repair.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Cream Rinse 250ml
To soften, condition and detangle hair this cream rinse has an exclusive blend of keratin proteins to help repair and protect.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment 150ml
Again with Awapuhi extract to replenishes with intense moisture and shine and an exclusive blend of keratin proteins to rebuild and repair.


I’ve given a little hint at the beginning of this section as I’m forever making this mistake. The descriptor says this is for all hair types. My experience is that when a brand states this, it’s a bit like telling me a pair of tights is one size fits all. It doesn’t. It may work for a broad range of hair types but not mine. Even the Intensive treatment which promised to replenish my hair with moisture just didn’t. I was left with hair drier than when I started out that was frizzy, fluffy and completely unmanageable. I had to use several products from my hair care armoury to get it to look half presentable for a day at the office.

Don’t get me wrong, the product was beautifully presented (so would make a great gift) smelt gorgeous and would be fine I’m guessing for someone with normal hair. Just not for hair that has specific problems.

If you’d like to gift it or give it a try it’s here price £49.00 (value of contents £62.85 so it’s a great price for a bundle if it’s one of your favourites already).

So overall I’d say that the Paul Mitchell brand is clearly a great one and there’s a great selection of gifts. You  might just want to take some advice on what the best formula for your hair type is before you purchase rather than making a packaging based choice!

How do you choose your hair products? Do you take advice from a hairdresser or just pick something of the shelf? What are you favourite brands? Would love to hear your thoughts.


This post contains PR samples and has affiliate links.



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