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Launch – DHC Beauty Lift Series

Beauty Lift7

I was reading an exchange of views on a Twitter chat today about what makes bloggers want to go to an event and people came up with a whole list of criteria that included great brand, interesting product, fun location, plenty to do, the opportunity to network, informative and welcoming PR and with the odd drink or nibble thrown in too. I can tell you that the launch this week of the DHC Beauty Lift Series ticked every box!

DHC at Sochu

It was such a cool idea to have the launch in the “sexy, subterranean Schochu Lounge so as to immerse all the guests in Japanese culture from the get-go. This was particularly important for those of us who were new to the brand. I’d already fallen in love with several of the DHC products – the velvet coat primer, and the liquid eyeliner are two must-haves. These form part of something DHC is marketing as the Tokyo collection which is a kind of capsule collection of all the best sellers.

Sochu mural2

Still, the star of the show was the new range and we were all eager to try it, despite the distractions of delicious food and cocktails, a chance to learn a Japanese craft, and how to get the perfect winged eyeliner. It’s all about the product you use of course and the DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX is the business!

Beauty Lift3

Sorry, I got distracted! Let me tell you about the new range.

Beauty Lift Lotion is a soothing, hydrating toner to reduce the look of fine lines and prepares the skin for moisture.

Beauty Lift Essence is a silky soft serum to hydrate, fight fine lines, and gives skin a smoother lifted appearance. It’s the perfect prep for moisturiser.

Beauty Lift Milk is a lightweight, milky textured barrier-supporting moisturiser that gives the appearance of a more lifted look. Fine lines are minimised to give a smoother-looking complexion.

Beauty Lift Cream is a rich, intensive, moisturising cream perfect for overnight use. The hydrating formula minimises the appearance of fine lines and promotes firmer, more lifted-looking skin.

DHC biscuits2

I can’t confirm yet if all of DHC’s claims for Beauty Lift are true but I’ve started using it this weekend and the initial results are promising and my skin does look lifted. I’ll get back to you with a bit more info when I’ve tried and tested them.

Are you new to DHC or do you have some favourites?


This post contains affiliate links and products that were gifted for review.


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