DHC Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence

It’s a DHC Update!

I thought it was about time that I updated you on some of the latest launches from DHC Japan’s no.1 online skincare company. A few weeks back I had to miss the launch of these two beauties because at the last moment I’d decided to apply for a new job and had just 24 hours to write my application. It was a shame to miss out on meeting up with my favourite PR and blogging friends but I had to make a choice. I always have to bear in mind that whilst blogging, discovering more about beauty products, and making such great friends is what makes my personal world go round it’s my day job that makes it all possible. Fortunately, things turned out well all around as I still got to review the products and I also got the job!

DHC Beauty Lift Eyecare Essence Roll-on

Enough of me though – you came here to learn more about the DHC launches. First up it’s a new addition to the DHC Beauty Lift Range (I’ve previously reviewed other products from the range here) – it’s the Eye Care Essence Roll-On

This is an eye treatment that you massage around the delicate eye area with the built-in metal roller-ball that cools as it firms, smooths fine lines and reduces dryness. Ingredients include oat kernel extract, mevalonolactone, ceramide 3, and pentapeptide-18 help which combine to firm and lift.

I’ve been loving the cooling effect and the roller ball action that really feels like it’s taking down puffiness. It’s not oily or greasy so it’s perfect to apply under make-up or on its own. This is a great addition to my daily beauty routine.

DHC Beauty Lift

The second new launch that I wanted to share with you is the DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-in-One Gel. This is a hydrating and brightening gel cream for all skin types.

This has a multi-action formula containing super antioxidant astaxanthin, a vitamin-like substance that’s said to be 6000 times more powerful than vitamin C. I love and appreciate all the good work that vitamin C does for my skin so I was excited to try this. It’s lightweight and sinks in quickly with no greasy feel – I’d say my skin feels velvety (I’m wearing it now so I just felt my skin to check). It feels refreshing as it goes on and is a nourishing formula that includes hyaluronic acid to maintain the natural moisture barrier and collagen and elastin to firm the skin. It also fights free radical damage and is suitable for sensitive skin.

DHC Astaxanthin

I do find that sometimes it’s hard to assess or measure whether a product has made any significant impact on my skin. After all, it’s always been subjected to several layers of quality skin care day and night and anyway, how can you measure what your skin would have been like if you hadn’t protected it so well? Well, this time around I just remember one-day last week, I was applying my make up and I kind of caught my reflection in the mirror and thought that my skin was looking really clear and plumped and I looked down to remind myself what was on the bathroom shelf that I’d been using for the past few weeks and it was these two DHC newbies!

DHC Asthaxanthin

Have you ever tried anything from DHC? Which are your DHC faves?


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