Review – DHC Facewash and Foaming Bubble Mesh!


I’m always excited to hear about new things from DHC. There are a few reasons for this which include that they’re Japanese – so they’re a bit different and often innovative but also because frankly they can be a little bit quirky. I think that I can definitely say that the DHC Bubble Foaming Mesh falls into the quirky category!

It also took me a little bit of pondering and reading the instructions before I could really understand what it was for and how to use it. Helpfully it was delivered with another of DHC’s classic products – the DHC Face Wash that I was able to trial the mesh with.


The DHC Bubble Foaming Mesh is designed to create a dense yet fluffy foam to make cleansing extra gentle as well as making your cleanser last longer as you can make even the smallest amount of face wash turn into a whole heap of foam.

To be fair, there’s nothing complicated about how it works but no matter how hard I tried to make the face wash foam up with just my hands or a flannel I couldn’t so if you want foam then you need the mesh!

All you have to do is wet the netting and rub the  face wash on to the netting. Then  hold the ring with one hand and squeeze out the foam with the other and you’ll have a hand full of foam!

It was at this point that I deviated from the instruction to apply the foam to my face with my hands. I prefer to use a flannel or muslin so I transferred the foam to my flannel and cleansed my face as I normally would.

You don’t need to use a DHC product but it works really well with DHC Face Wash Powder  which I reviewed here or DHC Face Wash (£22.00).

Helpfully, as I wasn’t able to produce foam and film at the same time there’s a video here to show you how it works. What do you think?


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