I took the Pycnogenol challenge!


About a month ago I was asked if I’d like to trial some products. One of them, the Clarins Double Serum was a product that I’d heard good things about and the other Pycnogenol (a French maritime pine bark extract) was a supplement that I’d never heard of and couldn’t pronounce. I didn’t understand what the connection was.

So like the inquisitive blogger that I am I asked a few questions to find out what I was letting myself in for and why. It turned out that the connection is Pycnogenol itself as it’s present in the Double Serum too. So I was being asked to try out topical application and the supplement at the same time over a one month period.

The Products

Clarins Double Serum6

Clarins Double Serum –  This is a multi award winning product. The “double” feature of the serum is that it’s contained in two separate compartments that are dispensed together from the pump. They need a little blending in your hands before applying to the skin morning and night as you normally would with a serum, ahead of your moisturiser. It’s an intensive ant-ageing treatment serum that contains a blend of 20 plant extracts (one of these is Pycnogenol). The serum is suitable for all skin types and aims to make:

  • skin look firmer
  • wrinkles appear smoother
  • the complexion look more even and regain its glow
  • pores less visible

Its available here priced £55.00 for 30ml


Pycnogenol Capsules – Pycnogenol is a French maritime pine bark extract that’s a potent antioxidanr. It promises to:

  • promote skin elasticity
  • act as an anti inflammatory
  • promote cutaneous microcirculation
  • naturally hydrate the skin
  • provide anti photoaging and sun protection
  • alleviate skin pigmentation

They’re available here priced £18.99 for a month’s supply.

My experience 

Over the last 30  days I’ve been absolutely spot on with applying the serum night and day. I’ve been quite generous with it and it’s lasted the whole month. If you were a little more sparing it would probably have lasted another week or so. It’s quite light and not greasy although it is shiny so I’d suggest that you use a mattifying moisturiser, primer or foundation afterwards for daytime wear. It makes my  skin feel immediately  hydrated, comfortable and cared for. I’d say it’s had minimal effects in reducing the appearance of pores or deep lines but definitely does plump the skin and make it smoother.

The Pycnogenol supplements were a little more challenging to remember to take and I confess that at the end of 30 days I’ve still got about 5 capsules left. They’re perfectly pleasant to take I just forgot every now and then. I’ve noted the hydrating effect to my skin above, and it’s hard to contribute this to one, either or both of the products as they were used at the same time. On pigmentation, I’d say that it hasn’t been reduced, but I have been in the sun and haven’t seen the usual “rash” of freckles appear yet. So I’d say that it’s possible that the supplement helped a little there.

As an overall outcome, I’d say that from about 2 weeks into the trial I noticed a plumpness, freshness and luminosity to my skin that I rather liked. I’m no expert on nutrition and skincare but I’d like to think that I can attribute some of that to the trial. I think it will be interesting to monitor any changes I see over the next month now that the trial is over and I stop using the products.

What do you think? Have you used either or both of these products before? Do you think that treating our skin problems from the inside as well as out produces better results?

I’d love to read your comments.


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