Empties June 2016

Just sitting down at my laptop and realising that it’s time to do my June empties list I was surprised to see that I only used up three products this month. So this is just a quick update for you but I think you’ll see that all three of these are worth a look!

Benefit Gimme Brow


Gimme Brow is a tinted eyebrow gel from Benefit that contains tiny microfibres that stick to your skin and brows for fullness and definition.

Stubbornly I hadn’t tried this award-winning brow gel until I was gifted a sample on the Good Ship Benefit I just have an aversion to rushing to buy something just because it’s all over social media. Anyway, this is one of those times where I wish I had rushed to buy it because it’s the best brow product I’ve tried.

Since I got this Benefit have relaunched this and it now comes in three shades (light medium and dark) alongside a huge range of fabulous brow products. The full size will cost you £18.50 here



I don’t regularly take supplements but I took Pycnogenol as part of a challenge which you can read about here. I’m pretty sure they contributed to improving my skin health. You can give them a try too. They’re available from Holland & Barrett here priced £18.99.

Heaven Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex

Gift Set2

You’ll see from the photo that I got my Heaven Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex as part of a gift set at Christmas. (The baubles and cherub give it away I think!)

The 15ml size here lasted me a long while so it’s a great chance to try out the product if you’ve not used it before. It’s designed to moisturise dehydrated skin around the eye without making bags and reduce dark circles and fade lines. It’s described as a putty but I found its consistency creamy. You’re directed to press it on around the eye area – I found the normal patting action with my ring finger worked just fine. I found it a great eye cream for moisturisation throughout the day (and night). I can’t say I noticed a reduction in dark circles although I’ve had a particularly bad patch of not getting enough sleep which may have counteracted the effect somewhat.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know all about Heaven and its founder Deborah Mitchell. If you want to find out more here’s the link to my previous post.

So that’s it! Three little gems for you this month. Have you tried any of these before? What did you think?

Comments are welcome below and I always respond.


This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.


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