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Essentials for Halloween, Christmas and beyond

To be honest I haven’t really accepted that summer is done – even though I got caught in a thunderstorm today and had to put on a fleece while watching TV to save putting on the heating. Still Christmas events have been going on in the blogging world since July and eventually I had to give in and take a look at what’s on offer for autumn and winter. I went to a Superdrug event recently and they definitely have it all going on! Here are a few – well more than a few of my favourites for Halloween, Christmas and beyond that won’t break the bank.



Super Black Swan Make-up Kit and Ghost Whitener for Halloween!


This is one of the new palettes for Halloween from Make Up Revolution it’s The Dead Are Alive with 13 shimmer shades and 3 matte.


Miss Sporty nail polishes in  Halloween shades are £1.99 here.



I find buying gifts so difficult. I always like to choose things that I like myself and then I don’t want to give them away! I think this might happen with these gorgeous sets from Make Up Revolution including this Iconic Nudes Brush Set now £20 here.


And I just can’t believe the value of this 144 shadow palette now just £10 here!


If you’re a fan of top of the pile bloggers then you’ll find plenty of gifts for Tanya Burr and Zoella lovers. Above is the Beautifully Defined palette which is £10 here.


Here’s a selection from the Zoella lifestyle range that’s been in the news recently.


And of course there are crackers with beauty treats inside £10 here.

Anytime at all!

I find the thing is that once you start to shop in Superdrug you start to see all the new products that you just have to have. As I walked around the event I found a few more must haves that will be amazing all year round as gifts just for me!


I spied the Make Up Revolution Banana Powder! Not up on line yet ….. be patient!


Gorgeous baked highlighters and strobe and perfect lipsticks from you guessed it – Make Up Revolution


Always in slick black it’s the GOSH lipstick line up! These beauties are £6.99 each.



Finally on my list of must haves it’s the Freedom Pro Artist Palette that you fill with your own choice of pans. Palettes are just £5, Blushes £3 and Eyeshadows £2! Love love love!

So I’ve got to thinking – that Halloween and Christmas are just excuses to shop but with so much choice at such great prices I don’t think we need to make excuses – we should just go for it!

I’ll try and update as and when things appear on line but do give me a shout if you need help finding some of these and I’ll do what I can to help – don’t want you to miss out!


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2 thoughts on “Essentials for Halloween, Christmas and beyond”

    1. Aw thanks Teresa! I took loads more photos and there were so many things I couldn’t snap as the room was full of men in suits who wouldn’t get out of the blooming way! Lucky to have someone to play Santa – hope you get everything you wish for x


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