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Return to Omniya

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If you’ve being paying attention you’ll know that I discovered a divine space in Knightsbridge recently called Omniya. I was there to explore the retail space and find out about the beauty products they purvey but last Saturday I returned to try out a treatment in their salon.

After weaving in and out of tourists taking photos of the Harrods and the Christmas lights on a busy Saturday afternoon it was a delight to be welcomed back to Omniya. The treatments rooms are an oasis of calm where I was able to relax to chilled music and spend some time focusing on me.

After a detailed discussion about my skin concerns, my health and a review of my current skin care regime Kerry began a 60 minute bespoke facial. Treatments start at £100 and there is a whole range to choose from.

Kerry was great at putting me at ease. It’s been many years since I’ve had a salon facial and she was really informative about the products and techniques she used. They use a range of premium products with Skinceuticals featuring strongly in my facial treatment.

She started by using a gel cleanser to remove makeup, followed by a milk cleanser for a double cleanse.

Next was a micropolish to remove dead skin. I learned that I have sensitive skin – which I had never realised before and was advised that there are some things I should avoid – for instance peels.
Then I had a steam treatment, despite the fact that it was freezing outside I found this really hot, not just on my skin but to breath in too but it was all in a good cause at it opened the pores and was the beginning of addressing my congestion. Kerry started then on the extraction process – it was a little uncomfortable but I was starting to feel really clean so I wasn’t going to stop there.
An antioxidant treatment was followed by a skin rejuvenating LED light treatment. While I was under the light with my goggles on (I’m sure I looked stunning!) Kerry gave me a hand and arm massage.
For added hydration I then had a hyaluronic masque and finally I had a moisturising SPF applied for protection.
I then had the chance to look in the mirror at my skin – it looked amazing, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it that clean! I couldn’t bear to put make up directly on it so I braved Knightsbridge with a naked face. I have to admit that I caved a few hours later though as I had an event to go to and I added a light foundation from Oxygenetix and slick of lipstick and mascara.
I really loved my special time at Omniya and I really want to keep my skin as clean and nourished as it felt after my treatment. I feel another visit coming on!
If you feel like you deserve some me time then you can find all the contact details here I don’t think you will be disappointed.
Do you have regular facials? What treatments do you enjoy most? Let me know in the comments.



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