Discovering Margaret Dabbs


It’s kind of curious isn’t it how, just by trying out one product, you can come across a whole brand and concept that’s just perfect for you without even knowing you needed it in the first place?

Let me rewind a bit on this one. I found this pot of hand serum in among a number of products from QVC. I wasn’t really sure what it was – I mean hand serum – what even is that? I’m used to having a tube of hand cream in my bag for work and then one day I ran out and so I chucked in this pot of Margaret Dabbs Intensive Ant-Aging Hand Serum. Once I was at work I took a closer look – it said fabulous hands – I thought yes please! Still, I wasn’t too sure about it. I mean, it’s a serum, not a cream. I wasn’t sure if that meant I should apply this first and then a moisturising hand cream but I didn’t have much choice I was tied to my desk for the day with no chance of any retail therapy. So I slathered some on.

What’s the promise?

  • anti-ageing benefits with antioxidants
  • fast absorbtion
  • reduces the visible signs of ageing
  • improves the appearance and quality of the skin
  • reduces age spots
  • create an even skin tone

What’s in it?

  • geranium and mandarin for the fragrance
  • Lupinus Albus Seed Extract for skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness

What did I think?

It was a very light texture – fair enough it’s a serum – but it still felt really comforting. It smelt divine. It sank in really quickly so I didn’t have to grapple with greasy fingers on my touch screen. My hands don’t have age spots fortunately but I still noticed that my hands looked brighter and firmer. I think that if you have very dry hands you might need to use a richer repairing hand lotion but that’s no problem Margaret has you covered here.

What else did I discover?

Margaret Dabbs is passionate about feet, a fully trained Podiatrist who set up a series of Foot Clinics starting in 1998, and pioneered the now renowned Medical Pedicure“.

Yep you spotted it – her main thing is feet! So this little beauty that I came across led me to find out about a whole range of treatments and products that need to be explored!

But for now, if you’d like to try the hand serum, it’s available via QVC, direct from Margaret Dabbs and other retail and on line outlets.

Have you heard about Margaret Dabbs before? Let me know if you’ve tried any of her prodcuts or treatments and which ones you think I should try next.


This post contains a PR sample

3 thoughts on “Discovering Margaret Dabbs”

  1. This sounds really lovely and because it has geranium in it I’ll probably love how it smells. I’ve used the Margaret Dabbs foot scrub for years. It works really well. I’d definitely recommend it. 🙂


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