Discovering Margaret Dabbs

It's kind of curious isn't it how, just by trying out one product, you can come across a whole brand and concept that's just perfect for you without even knowing you needed it in the first place? Let me rewind a bit on this one. I found this pot of hand serum in among a… Continue reading Discovering Margaret Dabbs


Discovering Murad – Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

Murad is a brand name that I'd heard once or twice but I didn't get my hands on any of it until I came across it at QVC. I learned that Murad was founded by Dr Howard Murad, a world renowned dermatologist whose award winning formulas have helped millions to resolve their skin issues. You… Continue reading Discovering Murad – Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture


Prai Radiant Gemstone Caviar Triple Matrixyl Serum

I've almost lost count of the new brands that I've tried over the last two years that I've been blogging. Prai is a  name that I'd heard before but that was about all I knew until I picked up this little beauty from a recent QVC event. It's the Prai Radiant Gemstone Caviar Triple Matrixyl… Continue reading Prai Radiant Gemstone Caviar Triple Matrixyl Serum


Discovering Eyelash Primers

Do you ever discover a product that you never knew you needed and then you try it and you wonder how you ever managed with out it? Well that's just what happened to me with eyelash primers. Although it wasn't a very straight forward story. To be fair it never is with me is it!… Continue reading Discovering Eyelash Primers


Doll 10 Pixelated Colour Correcting Powder

This Pixelated Colour Correcting Powder is one of my new favourites. It's from Doll 10 -  a brand I only discovered recently at a QVC press day. When I first saw it I loved the way it looked. It comes in a sturdy shiny compact with a great mirror. The powder is flecked with little… Continue reading Doll 10 Pixelated Colour Correcting Powder


Discovering Little Ondine

  I'd heard of the brand Little Ondine a few times but the first time I managed to get a close up look was at the QVC press day a little while back. I'd heard that it was a natural product and that it peeled off but that was all. I asked some more questions… Continue reading Discovering Little Ondine


QVC Beauty SS16

Seems as though when they planned the QVC SS16 press day they wanted to make sure that we were properly welcomed - as well as being welcomed by our lovely hosts at the door the set up at the entrance to a spring garden was well sign-posted and so cute! I always thought of QVC… Continue reading QVC Beauty SS16


Arch(ery) rivals?

No one can have failed to see and hear the hype about the new Benefit Gimme Brow brush on fibre gel. Benefit says that this innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin and hair creating brows where before there were none. As someone with sparse brows I watched the demonstrations on QVC several times to see if… Continue reading Arch(ery) rivals?