My Makeup Obsession

So today I want to tell you about my Makeup Obsession. No I don’t mean my makeup obsession – I don’t have one (although I do like makeup quite alot – I just don’t have an obsession in the true sense of the word.

You see what I’m talking about is my new Makeup Obsession palette. It’s just not the same as anyone else’s and that’s because you get to choose a palette – your choice of colour/finish and size – there are ten to choose from.


I chose the gold version which has room for 6 single colours of your choice. Ah the choice – it’s almost too much – and it’s not just eyeshadow there are also contour, highlight and blush shades to choose from. Even when you’ve done that you still need to decide how to position them in the palette so it’s going to be really unlikely that you’ll make  up the same palette as anyone you know. You can choose to have all your favourite shadows, blushers, highlights and contouring in the same palette so you have a complete look in a palette or have one palette for each product. The combinations are endless!


I really love this idea as although I have way too many palettes there are always a few shades in each that I never use. This way I love every single one and when I want to switch things up I can always buy more shades and swap them around – it’s so easy.


What’s also great is that Makeup Obsession is available at Boots – so as well as the products being so affordable – palettes start from £4, shadows are £2 and highlights, contours and blushers are £3  – but you get your Boots points too. It’s a win win situation!


I chose:

Top Row –  Left to right- Eyeshadow in Mink, HIghlight in Pearl, Blush in Golden Girl

Bottom Row – Left to Right – Eyeshadow in Ibiza, HIghlight in Moon, Strobe Balm in Radiance.

Oh and in case you wondering Make Up Obsession is the new brand from the TAM beauty stable that includes Makeup Revolution, Freedom and I Heart Makeup. So you know tht this is affordable beauty that you can trust. Here are a few more pics so you can really see how perfect this palette is! And it’s all mine!






And just in case you thought I was kidding about the choice of shades…….


What are you waiting for – start choosing now! And when you’ve got yours all set up share your photos with me and tell me what you think!


This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.


6 thoughts on “My Makeup Obsession”

  1. Love the gold packaging & 6 shades is enough for travelling & everyday makeup.Your shades are lovelly & you gave me really great idea for some presents


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