Akar Skin – Tibetan Inspired Beauty

Things aren't always simple. Things aren't always black and white. But this time they are - well ok there's a little hint of gold on the packaging but what isn't improved by a touch of gold? What am I going on about? Well, today I'm talking about Akar Skin. When  I got an e-mail asking me… Continue reading Akar Skin – Tibetan Inspired Beauty

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The Body Shop Rediscovered

When I entered the lobby of the Charlotte Street Hotel lobby to attend the Thirty Plus Blogger Awards I was looking forward to seeing some of my blogger friends receive well deserved awards in one of my favourite SoHo event spaces. The reception room and the screening room where the awards were presented were so… Continue reading The Body Shop Rediscovered


Getting Reacquainted with Trilogy Products

I've tried and reviewed several trilogy products over the last couple of years and am always impressed with them. As a blogger, I'm often trying out the latest skincare products but when the review is done I often returned to tried and tested favourites and they often include something from Trilogy. I'm currently using the… Continue reading Getting Reacquainted with Trilogy Products

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Strand On Beauty’s top 10 posts from the last 30 days – April/May 2015

It's been such a long time since I've done one of these posts. I always love to review my work and see what you've loved reading the most. It's particularly interesting to see that it isn't almost the most recent work that keeps you following. So here's the countdown! 10 Review – Rene Furterer Lissea… Continue reading Strand On Beauty’s top 10 posts from the last 30 days – April/May 2015


April 2015 Empties

These last few weeks have been crazy! Finding a new home, moving in, and living without broadband for two weeks has been a challenge. So finally, today, I'm back online and it's the end of April so I thought what better way to get back to blogging than writing an April empties post. Institut Arnaud… Continue reading April 2015 Empties


Balance Me – News

I only discovered this amazing brand a few months back and some of you will have already heard a little about them from me before. I wrote about when they won a Debenhams Beauty Award here and I reviewed their BB cream here. Tonight I was invited to find out a little more at the… Continue reading Balance Me – News